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Submitting my pages to GSC

⚠️ At least one of your URL's needs to be set as the homepage for Google to accept
The following steps will guide you through submitting your pages to Google Search Console:
  1. Go to your GSC Account
  2. Click the dropdown on the top left
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select "+ Add Property"
  4. Paste your full subdomain in the right box
  5. Verify with option "HTML Tag"
  6. Copy the Meta tag
  7. Enter your site on app.the.com
  8. Hover over the right panel and click "Edit Design"
  9. Find the top left cell and click the corner menu on the top right of the cell
  10. Click "Head"
  11. Add element "Raw HTML"
  12. Double click on the cell and paste the code
  13. Save with CMD+S and Exit Dev Mode at the very top right of your screen
  14. Deploy Site
  15. Go back to GSC and follow any additional steps for indexing
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