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Saving your prompts

Prompts save once they've been submitted

  1. When you're ready to save, click "Add to Sheet" located at the bottom of the modal window.
  2. Ensure at least one row is generated. Without this, your prompt won't be saved.
  3. Remember: if you close the modal before following the steps above, the prompt won't save.

Finding Saved Prompts

Want to see your saved prompts? Simply start typing in the input box. Matching prompts will automatically show up as you type.

Can I generate AI simoultaneously across multiple page sets?

No, you can't leave the page you're generating on until it's complete. Don't forget to save! (cmd+s).


If the output looks broken or the syntax is still showing, double check that the apostrophes are not italicized. This can occer when copy and pasting from certain tools.
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