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Testing your prompts

Easily test your prompts before adding them in bulk to your sheet. To test, just click the submit button in the input, and read what content is outputed by the AI. If you need to make a tweak, just edit your prompt and re-submit. Do this as many times as you need until you see what you'd like. When you're happy with your test content, hit "Add to Sheet" to trigger the prompt for every row.

Nothing happens when I test my prompt

There are three reasons why example content won't show when submitting a prompt. 1. You have a syntax error in your inline variable 2. Your prompt exceeds the character count that GPT can handle 3. You referenced an empty column


If the output looks broken or the syntax is still showing, double check that the apostrophes are not italicized. This can occer when copy and pasting from certain tools.
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