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Using Launch Control for Scheduled Deployment

Launch Control enables you to publish pages in the future. Meaning you can create all your content up front, and decide when it goes live. This is great for SEO consistancy, holidays, events, or product launches. Here's how it works:

1. Make sure pages are in Draft Mode:

All new pages start as Drafts. To toggle between draft and live, click the ••• in the first column. A draft page will show a greyed out URL in Column A.

2. Accessing Launch Control

Locate and click the upward arrow next to the 'Deploy' button and select Launch Control.

3. Configuring your deployment

  • Select a Range of Rows: Choose which rows you want to deploy.
  • Set Publish Rate Quantity: Define how many pages you wish to publish in each interval.
  • Choose Time Interval: Decide the frequency of deployment (e.g., every hour, daily).
  • Specify Start Date: Set when the deployment should begin.

4. Creating multiple sequences

For a more dynamic deployment, you can configure several sequences. This allows for a staggered, increased deployment effect across different sets of rows.

5. Deployment options

You can choose to deploy all rows instantly or utilize Launch Control for a timed release. By following these steps, you can effectively manage the deployment of your content, ensuring a controlled and timely release.
⚠️ Deploying pages at scale should be done at a rate relative to your current site size for best results with google
Example: 250,000 page sites could launch 5,000 in a month but 50 pages sites should launch 2-10 per day
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